The ZVVIKS edu program is an extended cultural education project series we've been running for years, bringing the world of animation closer to various groups of the public. The program rests on our wealth of experience in the production of professional animated film and the many educational projects we've already completed, including creative workshops, teaching seminars, screenings and discussions for kindergartens / primary / secondary schools and the general public, and guided tours of animation studios or themed exhibitions. The activities are led by experienced mentors and teachers with a strong grasp of didactics and specific age-group approaches, who transmit their knowledge in a professional, practical and sparkly way, whether as part of formal school curriculum, extracurricular activities or leisure events for children, youth and grown-ups. 

In 2013, the National Education Institute started its animation manual project for kindergartens and schools, titled Animirajmo!, supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and the Slovenian Film Centre. Our veteran mentor and professor Kolja Saksida cooperated as a co-editor of the manual, providing much valuable content. The manual is now available free of charge in the digital library of the National Education Institute. 

Many participants of ZVVIKS edu programs expressed their enthusiasm over the experience, fanning their passion for animation and encouraging them to pursue the art as a pastime or perhaps even a future profession. If you'd like to attend a ZVVIKS edu program yourself, please let us know at info@zvviks.net.