ZVVIKS is a production house established in 2001. Our driven and passionate production team, headed by Kolja Saksida, directs its efforts into the development and realization of animated films and series. We also like to challenge ourselves with the ideas of external authors who knock on our doors, helping them carry their synopsis through to a polished original animation, whether stop motion or 2D. ZVVIKS makes animated films and series in cooperation with a number of home and foreign artists, creatives, partners and co-producers. We cherish the work and connections we've made in the past and look forward with confidence to future challenges. In addition to film production, we are heavily invested in cultural education programs where we've been teaching children, youth and adults about animation in theory and practice for quite a few years, focusing especially on stop motion techniques. In addition to our creative workshops and our teaching seminars, we also prepare exhibitions, professional and workshop animation screenings with artist discussions and guided studio tours, providing interested publics with comprehensive insight into the step-by-step creation of an animated film.

ZVVIKS is a member of the European Children's Film Association (ECFA).