Koyaa The Extraordinary

Koyaa tackles everyday situations in his own wacky way. In the morning, he wants to tie his shoes but the naughty laces won’t listen. Luckily, he’s not alone on the remote mountain ledge: when things start getting crazy, his friend the wise Raven is always ready to help.

Production: ZVVIKS 2011
Co-production: NuFrame and A Atalanta
Co-financed: Ministry of Culture of Slovenia
Director and producer: Kolja Saksida
Executive producer: Matija Šturm
Screenwriters: Jure Karas and Kolja Saksida
Character designer: Blaž Porenta
Production designer: Gregor Nartnik
Animator: Piotr Ficner
Director of photography: Miloš Srdić
Music Composer: Miha Šajina
Music editor: Borja Močnik
Editors: Gorazd Krnel and Boris Dolenc
Re-recording mixer: Julji Zornik
Post production: NuFrame